Hey there! Welcome to my blog.

Hey there!

My name is Andrés Duque and I created this website by chance. I wanted to learn about web development (and I still want to learn more). I learn by doing, So, I said to myself “Why don’t you create a blog? It’s one of the easiest thing I could do, and when it’s done, it’s done. Basically I just need to make some front-end structure, I need no database. That’s already a huge plus.” I mainly develop desktop applications or I work in R&D with C++ as main programming language (sometimes using Python for mocking up some research). I never had the opportunity to spend time learning web development, now I have it, so I didn’t have any excuse to not get down to work!

As you can see, I was able to create this website. I hosted it on github pages and I was able to put it on a domain. I had no previous idea about hosting, web development or deployment, so for me it’s quite an achievement.

Well, it’s time to introduce myself. As I’ve already mentioned my name is Andrés, I am a spanish guy living in Switzerland since 2014. I was born in Colombia but I lived the most of my life in Spain. I work as a software engineer in Switzerland, I’ve been working in consultancies, in a large multinational… and lately I was inmersed in a company where the subject was medical devices. There, I was working as a medical software engineer.

I will use this website like a blog to write about different topics. I will use tags in order to group the posts. You will find them at the end of every post. Also, You can find the projects I work on too. It’s a twitter-like structure to show some of the works that I finished while learning new technologies.

Some topics I will write about are:

  • Computer science: algorithmic problems, genetic programming, AI, and I will write about problem solving programming challenges.
  • Development: Here I would like to write about my development processes while learning a new technology, for example,my day to day creating an android app.
  • Outtings: I love going around the mountains (hiking, climbing and vias ferratas). I actually did part of the route that Frodo followed to throw the ring into the volcano in The Lord of the Rings movies! But without any doubt the most rewarding hobby I have right now is snowboarding. I will write about the places I’ve visited, post some images, even videos if I am able to get good ones.
  • Expat: As a foreigner I will, sometimes, write about particularities of living in Switzerland.

I will, surely, add some more in the future. I think as an intro that was pretty much and I don’t want to extend it more! Welcome!